9 Lies 

Christians Believe

Many Christians tend to use certain phrases when comforting or giving advice to others, but do these phrases stand up under the righteous magnification of the Bible? Join us as we take a look at 9 of those common phrases and see what God's Word says.

*This sermon series will be based off Shane Pruitt's book, 

9 Common Lies Christians Believe: and why God's truth is infinitely better. For further reading you may purchase your own copy here.

Common Lie 1

"God won't give me more than I can handle."

Is truth relative? Find out now!


Common Lie 2

"God gained another angel."

Common Lie 2

Part 2: "R. I. P."

Common Lie 3

"God just wants me to be happy."

Common Lie 4

"I could never forgive them."

Common Lie 5

"Follow your heart."

Common Lie 6

"God doesn't care."

Common Lie 7

"They will never change."

Common Lie 8

"God doesn't like me."

Common Lie 9

"Believe in Yourself."